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Dapatkah Kita Melintasi Ruang dan Waktu (Time Travel)?

Can We Travel Through Space and Time? ' HEROES ' season one has just ended (TransTV broadcasted the series in Indonesia). One of the character, Hiro Nakamura , has the ability to transport himself and the person he touches to different place and time. In other word, he can travel through space and time? Is this possible according to science? In my childhood reading-and-watching experiences, I-like Hiro in the 'HEROES' series-was raised by Superman comics and movies, Star Trek TV series and movies, Star Wars (actually I watched the saga seriously in my college years), and other American-fantasy goodies. Then I had a big crush in physics, starting from my junior high study. At that time, I've dreamt that someday I would enroll to MIT and master physics. when I was in senior high school, I studied hard to pass the final exam and enter ITB. Though in real life now, I'm a medical doctor. I bought Stephen Hawking's " A Brief History of Time " in my first