Sunday, June 26, 2005

Coba-coba pakai 'Mandarin Design'

Ini asli langsung copy-paste aja dari Mandarin Design.

Full instructions
for making the first letter big are in the Drop Cap copy and paste style tutorial. For this one we forced the first big letter to span more than five lines. The font-size is adjusted to exactly 100 pixels while the line height is 80 pixels.

Trus ini juga...

Lumayan... Hmmm...

This text scrolls up.

Apalagi niy?

This text is a simple scrolling
marquee that only works in Internet Explorer and Mozilla.
It's simple HTML, no script needed.

Waduh, aneh jadinya??!


"For People Who Make Mistakes" ...

Udah ah, tidur dulu aja..

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